Shaded Complexity by Sia Morweng

Shaded Complexity

Sia Morweng, Poem

I made a stream of
My frustrations
—Beneath it all


..those that bled red
Knew plastic
not to be their destined
Let them bleed
And while not depleting
The tainted red
found itself pouring endlessly
Through this and that
moments buried in my
Lull personality.


…those that fell clear
seen by myself from dreams
Adopting many of my shortcomings
I watched;
watched how long
they’d keep their frontier
“Holier than thou”
And to my dismay
They kept falling
Till my dreams were flooded.

Amidst the confusion
And unclarity
I felt it safe to drown.


…my frustrations
then paused running.

Sia Morweng is an emerging poet. She writes a blog called That Gut Wrenching Poetry, where she puts all her undiluted thoughts, fiction and music that she loves. She says, “What I want to do is write poetry in how we speak and turn how we speak into a melodramatic consequence.” Find more of her work at


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