Before A Lifetime by Sia Morweng

Before A Lifetime

Sia Morweng, Poem

What would a forgotten you be like,
not left to your devices or scratched off
my embroidered moments;
simply my thoughts placing a curtain
before my adamant desire to chase fantasy?
Would I live up there with a forgetful wall,
mirroring an empty space or would there be a shadow I cannot trace?

What would my filled words sound like
uninspired by teenage dreams?
Could I still call a blue sky serene
or pretend I know how to call the sun hope?
Walking possessed by the mood of
an untroubled day becomes
My own mood, so the moon’s infinitude
could accompany me into
fruitful sleep,
could my words still identify with those

Are you significant to my painting
of life I call my own in breaths?

I wonder how I’ll call my star a jewel
if it’s not a reflection of a look I captured
in my galaxy “his eyes on me” as rare glimpse
when I caught you catching my dreams?

What would an unnamed you tell my dreams,
as a stranger, could your voice reach
synchronicity with the leap of my heart?
how my heartbeat would duet with your voice
when my thoughts were occupied
christening my mind with changing season?

This mystery…

What would a you I’ve never met say to my
swan like face,
I dreamt a figure I drew and I’d like my eyes
to convey to my thoughts and those
To request my soul a mating dance?

Sia Morweng is an emerging poet. She writes a blog called That Gut Wrenching Poetry, where she puts all her undiluted thoughts, fiction and music that she loves. She says, “What I want to do is write poetry in how we speak and turn how we speak into a melodramatic consequence.” Find more of her work at


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